Not my husband’s helper

It has been two years since I stepped into the entrepreneurial journey along with my husband. Why I choose my husband as my co-founder? Just one answer, at the time I was starting, I did not have any friends in my circle who were willing to walk the path with me sharing my vision and … Continue reading Not my husband’s helper


Self-publishing FAQs

On Getting Published, Good Books, and Living Goddesses

I get these same questions so often that I decided to turn this into a blog post:

  1.  I have a manuscript. How do I self-publish it?Before you self-publish this:
    * If you have writer friends, get them to beta-read your manuscript.
    * Get your manuscript edited.
    * Get your manuscript proofread.

    * Commission an cover for ebook (print/paper book cover will be separate).
    * Get the book formatted for ebook (and print/paper book, when you’re ready for it).
    * Create an account on Amazon and upload formatted ebook file.
    * Set a price and make it ready for sale with a click

  2. Do I publish as an ebook, or a print book?* Start off with the ebook.
    * Get it formatted as an ebook.
    * Upload to various vendors like –,, etc. You cannot upload to many international vendors (like Apple) directly.
    * When…

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How I celebrated my daughter’s first period!

I was 14 when I got my first period. My Mother was discreet about it. There was not a huge celebration, but she did call near and dear Aunties and conducted a small ceremony. I was very confused with the ambiguity of it. While I got my favourite sweets and dishes to eat, I had … Continue reading How I celebrated my daughter’s first period!

Girls are changing but Boys are still Boys

My daughter is twelve now. She is into sports, studies well and most importantly she is growing up to be a confident girl. Off late she shared these funny incidents when boys in her class teased her, and she warned them sometimes and then challenged them to arm wrestling, thumb fight, etc. She won most … Continue reading Girls are changing but Boys are still Boys

Security Analysis – Bangalore Molestation Case

SKIP Armor

I was waiting for #BangaloreMassMolestation or such an event to happen. I have been studying the PCI’s (Pre-Crime Indicators) since a long time now. Its just like how the seismologist waits for his prediction of an earthquake to happen. Not because he wants it to but because he is prepared and he knows it will happen. Because he has data. 
Below are results of a 2 question poll I had done a few weeks back. My analysis of the recent molestation events in #Bengaluru are based on these results.
Poll Results.JPG
The Analysis
There are 2 types of elements in any crime. Pre Crime Elements and Post Crime Elements. Those who want to play the blame game and keep passing the buck and make TRP’s out of it will always focus on #PostCrime elements, such as – Police, Law & Order, Courts, Government etc.Their primary focus is to…

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Why I wrote “The vengeful bride”

Back in 2014, I came across some articles and videos from people who came out and spoke about LGBT rights. My curiosity led me to further reading and watching some movies that blew up my mind. "How can society make anyone's life so difficult?" I wondered. It was during that time when I was jotting down every … Continue reading Why I wrote “The vengeful bride”