Someplace like India – a week in Bali

I love travelling though I would not call myself a wanderlust by any means I promised myself that I will relax enough in life, see places, read books and understand the world, people and cultures as much as possible. I ensure that I travel two to three times a year always accompanied by my small […]

Not my husband’s helper

It has been two years since I stepped into the entrepreneurial journey along with my husband. Why I choose my husband as my co-founder? Just one answer, at the time I was starting, I did not have any friends in my circle who were willing to walk the path with me sharing my vision and […]

How I celebrated my daughter’s first period!

I was 14 when I got my first period. My Mother was discreet about it. There was not a huge celebration, but she did call near and dear Aunties and conducted a small ceremony. I was very confused with the ambiguity of it. While I got my favourite sweets and dishes to eat, I had […]

Girls are changing but Boys are still Boys

My daughter is twelve now. She is into sports, studies well and most importantly she is growing up to be a confident girl. Off late she shared these funny incidents when boys in her class teased her, and she warned them sometimes and then challenged them to arm wrestling, thumb fight, etc. She won most […]

Security Analysis – Bangalore Molestation Case

Originally posted on SKIP Armor:
I was waiting for #BangaloreMassMolestation or such an event to happen. I have been studying the PCI’s (Pre-Crime Indicators) since a long time now. Its just like how the seismologist waits for his prediction of an earthquake to happen. Not because he wants it to but because he is prepared…