Why I wrote “The vengeful bride”


Back in 2014, I came across some articles and videos from people who came out and spoke about LGBT rights. My curiosity led me to further reading and watching some movies that blew up my mind. “How can society make anyone’s life so difficult?” I wondered. It was during that time when I was jotting down every thought that came to my mind into a story or a blog that Sonia Rao, the Municipal Liaison of NaNoWriMo India, announced WrimoIndia anthology around the theme Vengeance.

I just mixed up the themes Vengeance and LGBT and thus was born “The vengeful bride”. Many people when they hear of Vengeance expect some crime or bloodshed in the story. I should accept here, I lack the skill of writing crime stories and I am learning it. Aarti, My bride, does not believe that bloodshed is the only way of Vengeance. She has her own, cool and sweet way of taking revenge. To know how she does that, get your copy of the book “VENGEANCE: A Sting In Every Tale” today from Amazon.

This book would not have happened if not for the persistence shown by the editorial team. We are all proud to donate the proceeds from this book to NaNoWriMo, the one platform because of which I wrote my first novel.


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