2015 – The journey

2015 has come to an end. So soon! This felt like the shortest year in my life. I can still remember the beginning of the year, what was I planning, let me recall, yes! Writing a book and reducing weight. I am carrying them both to 2016. Did not accomplish any of my 2015 resolutions yet I had never been happier. What was not part of the plan became a crucial part of life! That is http://www.HOMEFIXFORSURE.com!

HomeFixforsure came to my mind somewhere in February of the year. Back then, it did not even have a name, it was just a thought. No soon did the thought sprout and grew and now I am living the thought. More than 2 months into execution and I still remember the days I had spent designing its software. A lot has changed. A business in execution is far different from an idea on paper yet one thing is constant – i.e. change. Yes, there is nothing constant when you get into entrepreneurship. Ideas, plans, execution mechanics, marketing tricks sprout and then suddenly give way to whole new ones.

A challenging journey but the most accomplished journey. Nowhere else did I get such a bounty of knowledge and experience! So, I am very happy and ready to welcome 2016 with new hope towards new changes and developments.

And then there is my sweet little daughter, a blessing in my life as always. Girls grow up so fast! This year I taught her less and she taught me more. The way she balances her studies with her ambition to become a tennis player and her hobby towards painting is marvellous. Her determination at this tender age challenges me and motivates me. What more should I ask for than just end this note with a big – THANKS GOD!


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