A for Adam’s Apple / A for Adam’s Peak

A is for Adam’s peak. Adam’s peak also known as Sri Pada is a tall conical mountain is located in central Sri Lanka. There is some unique mythos associated with this mountain of which I am mentioning two of them here. There is a rock formation of size 1.8 m resembling a large footprint on this mountain. While Buddhist legends claim that the print is of Buddha’s left foot Hindus believe it to be a footmark of Lord Shiva. Islam claims the footprint is of Adam’s while Christianity records it as the footprint of St. Thomas. Irrespective of the belief the good part is that the place is considered sacred and people of all religious beliefs pay tribute in this place. In my opinion, as long as people irrespective of their beliefs live in harmony in a place that place is sacred.

A is for Adam’s apple. Christian mythology point at an ancient belief which says that a piece of forbidden fruit was embedded in Adam’s throat leading to the lump like formation. That reminded me of the story of Neelkanth. Legend says that Shiva drank the Halahala poison churned up from the Samundra Manthan. Parvati strangled his neck and stopped the poison from passing below his throat. The poison being potent changed the color of Shiva’s throat to Blue thus the name NeelkanthNeel means blue and Kanth means throat.

Now coming to the interesting correlation I could think of in this mythos. Both of them weave stories around Adam and Shiva. Each of them might be true to the respective religions. Who knows the distinction between myth and reality? It is all in belief.

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